Type 1 Diabetic blogger

Hey guys! Welcome to my Diabetes blog! C:




This is me after my pump failed… Going to be posting some actual content soon. Stay tuned! :}


4 thoughts on “Type 1 Diabetic blogger

  1. Hi Beautiful ❤ Aunt Sharon here. I will be following your Blog ❤ You have such a Beautiful Heart and I am So Thankful that You are doing so much Better ❤ Uncle Jim & I love you and we are so Proud of You, Your Beautiful Sister Sophia & Your Amazing Parents ❤ You are so Blessed to have such an Amazing Support Team ❤ Looking forward to your next writing ❤

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  2. Hi C!
    You are a strong young lady! Diabetes brought you and my daughter Halle together and I am very grateful for that! Keep sharing your stories and bring awareness about T1 diabetes to the world. As I tell Halle, you can do anything, it’s just a little more work than the rest of the kids your age because of T1. 😘

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