Quarantine Life & T1D

It’s Charlotte again. 🙂 I know it’s been a really long time…sorry about that! I didn’t have a lot to write about and didn’t have a lot of time to write it. since I’ve been gone, I had an article by HealthBeat written about me, which is probably how most of you are here. That was back in October of 2018…it is now April of 2020!

It’s been quite the year already, with the coronavirus and all, so I (finally) decided to write on here about my experience with it. I ordered a new set of pumppeelz (picture below), which I love. The company is actually still shipping as normally, which is really crazy, considering things from most online companies are not arriving for a month! I really love my peelz, and have found, for anyone wondering, that the sticker over the sensor does not mess with the signal, which is good.IMG_3378.JPGI would recommend, for sure.

Also, along with a new peelz, I realized that all of those risky sites that I have been wanting to try, I now can! Since I’m not in school currently, I thought that now would be a good time to try out a forearm dexcom site (would not recommend for a pump site, that would be dumb). The first time I put it in, it burned a lot, and I couldn’t stretch out my arm all the way, which wasn’t the most wonderful event, but that was only the first day. I think it might’ve hurt more than usual because I put it in upside down (like the picture above. I keep doing that for some reason:/ ). After the second day, which still hurt a little when I fully stretched my arm or bumped it, it was totally fine. I thought it was a cute and interesting spot to try. A good summer site to show off my t1d a little :p IMG_3724.JPG(the red around my site is not blood, it’s a tattoo marker that I used so I was sure that I was getting the right spot when I injected…ahaha I was kinda nervous.) I would definitely recommend if you’re up for some excitement and a change of pace. I’m hoping to, in the summer or during the quarantine, to try out a calf site too, so I’ll let you know when that happens and how it is.

I know a lot of diabetics have been telling me (over my much, much more active diabetes instagram, @type1diabeticproblems) that their blood sugars have been crazy during this time, because they’re not out as much, eating trashier foods, not really paying attention to their numbers, etc., so I’ve been trying to watch mine. Since I got the Control IQ update on my tandem Tslim insulin pump, it’s been SO much easier to control. It automatically increases my insulin when I go high, and decreases when I go low, which is a HUGE help to me. I’ve been trying to eat healthier foods and workout daily to keep my blood sugars down, which does help a lot. I’ve also been doing online school, so I’m not totally a couch-potato ahaha.

Well, I hope you found this post interesting. Sorry for it being so boring, but I just thought that I’d catch y’all up on what’s been going on over the past year or so. Definitely go follow my instagram if you’re looking for more active and funny content (the @ is mentioned above)! Hope you enjoy your day, keep your sugars 100,

Charlotte ❤

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