School + T1D


Hi again! I am so very sorry for not posting in so long. I have been extremely busy with school and everything, and I figured now that I have some free time, I might as well post again! 🙂 In case you didn’t know, I used to be homeschooled (Yes, I could do school in my pajamas while eating breakfast) and I just recently switched to private school. “Real School” as many of you would say. I decided to post about my switch for all of you!

Adjusting to school with Type 1 has really been a roller-coaster of a ride. Maybe a week before school started, after we sent in all my supplies, we heard from the principal. He said one of my teachers had been inspecting my supply stash, and saw my glucagon and was freaking out about it. He didn’t want to stab me in the thigh with a needle, I guess. *cough, cough* …(Wimp.) Thank goodness I haven’t passed out at school, yet. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want my teacher to stab me, either.

Taking tests with lows, having my alarm going off and giving insulin during class… They aren’t the most exciting events, lemme tell ya… Though, it isn’t all bad. I get to have my phone in class, I get to leave for the bathroom whenever I want, and I get to sneak candy into my pencil case!

I heard from another student that their science teacher was talking about diabetes (his daughter has T1) and how diabetics used to get insulin… “He was talking about how when diabetes was first a diagnosis, they would take pig pancreases and mush it up and eat it. Then one of the kids in class was like, ‘WAIT. She eats PIG PANCREAS?’ ” *Sigh* Some people just shouldn’t graduate. And for the record, I’ve never tried pig pancreas and I don’t intend to.

It’s been a crazy half-year of school, and I’m sure we’re all glad to get some sort of break. I finally can get back to blogging and rant about life. (:  I hope to publish this blog by tomorrow, so you guys can have a post before the break ends.

Another plus for being a diabetic and in school, is that endo appointments almost always are on week-days, so I can skip school. My last appointment was pretty cool. I got to have a little photo-shoot and got to talk someone’s ears off professionally. That might actually be why some of you readers are here, so, hey, what’s up? Leave a comment if that is why you’re here, because I’d love to talk to you.

Well, this post hasn’t been very long, but if I actually got into some stories I could tell you, I’d probably have you scrolling through this all year (Which is technically only like, 2 weeks). I think I’ll end this right here. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to be more active these next few months. Thank you again, Merry Christ mas, and Happy New Year! 😀

-Charlotte 😉

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